Toyota Yaris 2015: the budget car, Toyota-style

03.02.2015 English

Toyota Yaris 2015

Toyota Yaris 2015

The task of building budget cars is widely considered among automotive industry specialists the most difficult one. Contrary to the popular beliefs the best engineers at the car companies work on the budget cars, not the luxurious ones. The reason behind this is quite simple: engineer should work on the edge of the technical and financial areas to present a truly budget car with high competitive qualities. Let’s look what Toyota brought for budget-minded customers for 2015.

The main budget car in Toyota row is Yaris. This subcompact car is designed by Toyota engineering subsidiary in France. Toyota Yaris 2015 bear some significant renovation to help keep the company lead in this class. Toyota approach to the design of subcompact budget cars shines in the every decision taken by the team.

Engine, gear and suspension of Toyota Yaris 2015

The Toyota Yaris 2015 sports 1.5l 4-cylinder engine capable to yield the impressive 106HP. The fuel index for Yaris 2015 is 30-31 mpg in city and up to 36 mpg at the highway. Yaris is indeed no racing car: it manages to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 11 long seconds. Maybe the main reason behind this rather weak performance is 4-speed automatic gear. Most competitors offer 6-speed gear or even variator-type continuous automatic as seen in Honda Fit. In European models basic Yaris 2015 is offered with 5-step manual gear.

Basic Toyota Yaris 2015 options

Toyota Yaris in basic is lacking some bells and whistles which can be found in competitor’s vehicles. It has no keyless ignition or heated leather chairs. It lacks rearview camera as a standard option. Even sunroof is not included in the basic version. Yaris is equipped with nine airbags and navigation, through.

But Yaris 2015 has got very favorable reviews from test drivers and the press. The reason is it performs well on angles, it is easily driven and sensitive. Toyota Yaris has very nice and spacious interior, fully redesigned for the 2015 model. Plastic parts, fabric and the trunk is all-new for the 2015.

Toyota Yaris 2015 price in US

The very basic Yaris will cost as little as $15,670. Somewhat more advanced Yaris will cost $19,500 and that is a intelligent maximum of what can be installed in it. The main competitor of Yaris is Honda Fit with revolutionary interior and significantly higher options in the basic model. As always the choice is yours, but generally Honda Fit may look more attractive for the budget-minded customers.